Summer time


Summer time
What do you do to keep your dog fresh in this summer?

Things to remember.
1.-Keep your dogs well watered.
2.-Keep your dogs well sheltered.
Dog houses and walled kennels are actually inappropriate during hot days.
While they may provide shade, they also trap hot air within a small, enclosed space. This may cause heatstroke, especially in instances where the dog is locked inside a dog house or kennel.
3.-Walk your dog earlier in the morning and later in the evening.

Things to Avoid During the Summer

1. Do not leave your dog inside the car alone.

Not even if we have the windows open, and not even for short periods of time. A car can heat up very quickly.

People at HowStuffWorks showed how the temperature within a car can climb from 75 degrees F to 110 degrees F within 15 minutes. This can be fatal to a dog, who cannot dissipate body heat as quickly as we can.

2. Do not leave your dog in the backyard alone, without water and proper shade.

3. Do not over exercise your dog

Activity will tire a dog out more quickly during the summer months. Make sure not to over-exercise your dog.

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Say no to kill shelters


Shelter pet need a
HOME more than breeders
or pet stores need your

Please follow @pets_in_need in instagram

They are doing a campaing against dogs in kill shelters. Thousands and thousands of dogs across the USA are in kill shelters because they were abandoned, neglected, or can’t maintain a stable home. So, they’re first sent to a regular shelter to try to get adopted, then if there’s not enough room for them, then sadly their sent to a kill shelter for about a month or two before being euthanized. It’s really unfortunate that has to happen. These dogs are completely innocent and have no reason to die because of selfless humans.

So for more info about their cause go to their instagram page

Or their website

Thank you alot
Lost of love

The chihuahuas family

Help the animals!!!


My dogs are lucky. They have a warm home with food and full of love. Sadly there are thousands of animals that cant say the same. Think about them. Help and adopt street dogs. They will thank you with the best they can give LOVE

Follow @adopthappypets to help those in need

We, the chihuahuas family make a monthly donation to @fundacionapegate in order to help the little ones. You can find your local organization and help. It feels amazing!

Mis perros son afortunados. Ellos tienen un hogar caliente con comida y lleno de amor. Tristemente hay cientos de animales que no pueden decir eso. Piensa en ellos!! Ayuda y adopta peluditos de la calle. Ellos te agradecerán con lo mejor que pueden dar. AMOR

Sigue a @fundacionapegate y colabora en su causa

Nosotros mensualmente colaboramos con ellos y se siente de maravilla ayudar.
Información de fundación apegate:

Situación geográfica:
3001 Barquisimeto
Fundación Adopta un Perro o Gato sin Techo
Información detallada
El objeto de esta fundación es:

1) La protección y cuidado de animales de la calle o en situación de abandono.
2) Rescatar y recuperar a los animales en abandono y reubicarlos en hogares definitivos.
3) Implantar programas de esterilización con apoyos gubernamentales o particulares con el fin de controlar la superpoblación de animales en la calle.
4) Culturizar a los dueños sobre la responsabilidad en la tenencia de mascotas mediante brigadas de educación sectorizada. Entre otros.

Cualquier colaboración pueden hacerla a la siguiente cuenta:
BanCaribe Cta. Corriente N° 0114 0307 75 3070033487
Fundación Adopta un Perro o Gato sin Techo.
RIF J-40079047-6

Información de contacto
Dirección de correo electrónico:

Fundación Adopta un Perro o Gato sin Techo ♥
Dedicada al rescate, protección y reubicación de animales en situación de calle, maltrato u abandono.
RIF : J-40079047-6
Telf: 0414 RESCATA (7372282)
tw: @fundapegate

Pacquiao and its faces

My babe has different faces for everything since he was a just born pup. That’s why we call him, in a sweet way, “cara de loco” which means “crazy face” in spanish.

I have thousands of pictures of him showing his crazy looks, but i will just upload a collage of the pictures i took today in the park.


The chihuahuas family.


The chihuahua and the Shoes

It’s been a while since i saw a pair of shoes in the pets store However, I never wanted to buy ones because i thought it would be very uncomfortable for my chis. Nevertheless, today i decided to buy a pair to try it. At least for a few minutes. hehehe.

I tried first to Pacquiao. He came first when i ask. Who wants to try the shoes first. He didn’t know what i was talking about. Poor babe. I had not problems putting the shoes on. Pacquiao behave very well and somehow i think he likes to be touch and dress. The problem begun when i put him on the floor and called him!! My dear baby started walking so funny. Kicking everywhere and seems like he had not control of his feet. He was so clumsy.

After 3 minutes he remove the first shoe and i removed all after he did that. Later on the same day i tried the shoes to kiki and in contrast to Pacquiao she was born to wear shoes. And she was not scare at all. Tyson is the only one that haven’t wore the shoes. We will see what is his reaction later. To conclude this entry i know dogs are not human and if my dogs don’t enjoy or like wearing something, i just don’t force them.

Here is a video of Pacquiao when he tried the shoes. Very funny
Mira este vídeo de YouTube:

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Dog of the day. Day 10


The chihuahuas family
Day 10-1 and 10-2 are @anna_molee and @razypetfilledlife
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Dog of the day. Day 9


The chihuahuas family
Day 9 are @ben_and_bella and @purplepupxx
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